The Clara Barton Collection Hits Home

We just received this wonderful email from one of our reproduction quilting enthusiasts:

     I just bought the July/August issue of Quiltmaker and on the back cover was an ad for your Clara Barton collection. I almost fell over!  I grew up in North Oxford, MA and the Clara Barton birthplace was right down the street. I remember it very well as a child, in fact it was rather scary because it was so dark and had that old smell. Funny how things come back to you when you think about it. The reason I remember it so well is my Dad was a carpenter and he did quite a bit of work in there repairing things.  He used to take me with him and I would sit on the grass outside and wait for him looking for four leaf clovers. That was quite a while ago and the funny part of this whole thing is I am now a quiltmaker using vintage fabric!  I did look at the fabric line and it is awesome.  I thought I would share this with you as it is not everyday that you see things in a magazine that bring back memories of your childhood.  I thank you for that.
Best regards,
Putnam, CT


 Clara Barton quilt from Jill Reid

The Clara Barton Quilt by Jill Reid


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