Quilt Market, Reproduction Fabric

We can’t wait for Quilt Market!

Everyone at Windham has been busy busy getting ready for quilt market in October.  The new lines are finally finished and will total more than 23 in all.  Of course the new lines will include some favorite standbys like Civil War  Civil 7 and Old Glory Glory by Nancy Gere.  Both collections include classic traditional 19th century designs coupled with extraordinary large format patterns with flags, generals, maps and Civil War songs galore!

We have always admired Eillen Jahnke Trestain, the author of Dating Fabrics.  We've been using her books for years and it seemed only natural that she choose some of her favorite fabrics to create a new line.  This collaboration has resulted in her first fabric collection for Windham called Sally Rose Sally If you are familiar with Eileen's books you will know that she is all about color. In Sally Rose she has transformed designs taken from 19th century wool challis and created a quilting collection with incredibly rich colors and wonderful movement.  This collection truly offers boundless quilting possibilities.  Talk about color, and you will want to have a quilt made from the new Whistler Studios collection Folklore Folklore   Here paisleys and flowing florals of rich red, and yellow, with highlights of green and blue are all set off with a shot of black.  

Are you craving more Americana, but prefer to move up the timeline a bit?  We've gone fast forward from the 19th century to the fifties with American Vintage Am vintage   This is another collection, now with a schoolhouse theme that makes you say, "oh yes, I remember when…"  Then Rosemarie Lavin helps us move ahead on the history timeline.  2009 marked the 40th anniversary of Woodstock so Rosemarie decided to dig deep into her closet.  There she found some of the designs from the 1960's which inspired Feelin' Groovy Groovy  Soon to be posted at www.windhamfabrics.com is the fantastic peace sign quilt that Rosemarie designed for this collection.  In fact free projects for all of our new collections will be posted on our web site, so please keep on the lookout for them.


2 thoughts on “We can’t wait for Quilt Market!

  1. I cannot wait for the Lincoln Bicentennial fabric to arrive at my local quilt shop! When will it arrive???
    All of you at Windham are amazing! I absolutely love the fabric lines; especially from the 1800’s.
    Keep them coming!

  2. Diane Parker says:

    I have downloaded the pattern for Elegance 11 quilt but have found several discrepancies in the pattern – the measurements appear incorrect. Has anyone had a similar and have managed to overcome the problems ?

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