“TIMBER” a good project

Windham Fabrics is delighted to have Jessica Levitt as one of our latest designers. Her first collection Timber Timber collection copy
has been a hit with young and old a like. The collection is just arriving a your local retail shops so we thought it would be nice for you to get to know a little about her.

I love a good project. It's what my life is about.


And I've tried my hand at so many different kinds of arts over the years: I've sewn intricate quilts. Costumed entire theatrical productions. Planned detailed and festive birthday parties. Designed beautiful rooms. Styled and coordinated extravagant weddings. Sewn inventive clothing and costumes for my kids. And plenty more…

But through it all, I keep coming back to fabric. I crafted my first quilt more than 20 years ago, before I was even in high school. Since then, textiles have become my medium of choice and sewing my passion. Combine that with my love for color and pattern, and fabric design becomes the natural product.

I'm a self-taught designer with a degree in electrical engineering and computer science (Duke University) of all things. But since I left the field to pursue more creative endeavors, I've never looked back…

These days, I find motherhood to be the most challenging and satisfying project of them all. I live with my husband and two children in New Jersey and though our days are chaotic, they're filled love and tons of creativity.

As I watch my kids grow I realize how important it is to me to never stop learning and challenging myself. So please stop by my blog Juicy Bits and check out whatever my newest endeavor might be.

Check out the Timber Quilt free projects on the Windham Fabrics Website

   Timber quilts


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