Jenny Haskin’s When Dreams Flower

What a delight it is to be working with Jenny Haskins.  JHD Logo copy[1] Windham Fabrics now has the pleasure of bringing you the premier quilting collection from this imaganitive and talented innovator from the world of embroidery.  Jenny Haskins delights us with "When Dreams Flower," her first fabric collection based on her stunning quilt and book by the same name.Cover_home[1]   Jenny's book will be available in May, and the new quilting line in July. 

Those of you who are familiar with Jenny's work will delight in the intricate nature of this new collection.  Beautiful roses abound paying the same attention to fine detail as in Jenny's embroidery motifs.  31783-1 PINK[1]  

Follow trailing vines, and flitting butterflies as they delight us in a delicate color pallete that only Jenny can dream of.  You can plan on lots of opportunities for applique using  motifs from "When Dreams Flower."  31778-3 WHITE[1] You can let them stand alone in your project, or combine them with Jenny's unique embroidery tecniques.  

For more information on Jenny Haskins visit her website www.jennyhaskins.com/home.php or her blog.    


4 thoughts on “Jenny Haskin’s When Dreams Flower

  1. i like this part of the blog:”You can let them stand alone in your project, or combine them with Jenny’s unique embroidery tecniques. ” is very good

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