Gardening Anyone?

Now that Spring has come and most people are beginning to feel the longer days and warmer weather, it is nice to think there is a collection of fabric that will get you into the gardening mood. See Windham Fabrics new collection Gypsy Garden by Genevieve Gail.

 Gypsy Garden garden fabrics

Gypsy Garden is Genevieve Gail’s second collection for Windham Fabrics. Garden flowers grow wildly in all shapes and sizes as if they were running up a trellis or packed over a garden bed. Bright sunny colors mix with the rich garden earth tones. Think of digging into a freshly turned patch of rich earth for the browns. Sky blues, deep magentas, golden flowers and a splash of green leaves float over a saturated color palate.


Here Genevieve describes her new work as having a laid back style and offers hints of a Bohemian vibe. The loose hand drawn shapes update the look, and the distressed finish is reminiscent of Genevieve’s jewelry creations. Genevieve stays true to her style of simplicity in both shape and color.


We hope you will get your hands dirty and gather up a cluster of Genevieve’s floral fabrics and make Genevieve’s rag style quilt that is just a perfect compliment to the Bohemian style of this collection. Go to Windham Fabrics to download a copy of this quilt.


Gypsy Garden Quilt copy


To learn more about Genevieve Gail and her jewelry design go to her Etsy Store or visit her blog. http://genevievegail.blogspot.com/


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