Sophia is more than just a Beautiful Name

Sophia is a collection by Windham Fabrics that is full of black and red florals grounded by a rich vanilla cream. It debuted in the late spring and is now available in quilt stores and boutiques. We suggest you run out and buy it right away if you have not done so already. The consumer response has been overwhelming and it won't be on shelves for very long. (See our new store locator on our website by clicking on each fabric image in the collection to find retailers that currently carry the Sophia collection)


No collection would be complete with out a few pictures that show off the collection. We are very excited to announce the creation of a BOM designed by Denice Lipscomb from Common Threads Quilting. Check out the Web Sampler and find out more information about the program.   You can buy the finishing kit for the quilt shown below when you visit the Common Threads website.


Sophia quilt

There are also a few patterns that are also noteworthy that show off the beauty of the Sophia collection:


1. Karen Bennett of Nellie’s Needles created a magnificent quilt for us to display at the International Quilt Market in May. She has created a pattern called Desert Flowers below that you just have to add to your collection.

 Sophia large quilt karen Bennett copy

2. How often do we get a chance to wear our favorite fabrics that we are so passionate about? Here Morning Glory Designs – created a pattern for a super jacket and shoulder bag. We have to thank our own Sharon Boysen for finding this pattern for us and sending the beautiful pictures.


Sophia Jacket and tote


Hopefully these items have all inspired you to want to run out and make your own Sophia masterpiece!


Happy Quilting! 



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