Peacock Appeal

Windham Fabrics welcomes back our fabric designer Allison Jane Smith with her fourth collection Peacock.


Allison jane smith picture
The new collection, which hits stores in August 2010, brings into play simple clean lines as well as a fabulous assortment of invigorating pastel color tones.


Peacock Swatches 


Allison’s Peacock inspired collection has a charming and enchanting feel.  Her unique Sweet Modern look satisfies younger sensibilities.  The pattern designs are refreshing, modern and can easily cross over from quilting to apparel to home goods.

The project Building Nests is also available in Free Projects below.


Peacocks Building Nests Quilt


Be sure to check out what is new with Allison on her blog at www.plaidsandprints.com.



4 thoughts on “Peacock Appeal

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