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The Flour Sack

By Colleen B. Hubert

In that long ago time when things were saved,

When roads were graveled and barrels were staved.

When worn out clothing was used as rags,

And there were no plastic wrap or bags,

And the well and the pump was way out back,

A versatile item was the flour sack.


Bleached and sewn, it was dutifully worn,

As bibs, diapers, or kerchief adorned.

It was made into skirts, blouses and slips,

And mom braided rugs from one hundred strips.

She made ruffled curtains for the house or shack,

From that humble but treasured flour sack!


 So now my friends when they ask you as curious youngsters often do,

“Before plastic wrap, Elmer’s Glue and paper towels, what did you do?

Tell them loudly and with pride, don’t lack,

Grandmother had that wonderful flour sack.

                                    Floursack Photo FINAL copy

"A Tisket, ATasket"

By Ann M. Wanke

Windham Fabrics is delighted to present “A Tisket, A Tasket”, our new twelve month block of the program featuring the Floursack fabric reminiscent of the 30’s era.  The fabric is by Whistler Studios with the quilt design and pattern created by The Quilted Basket and designer Ann M. Wanke.  The quilt patterns are divided into twelve blocks, perfect for a 30’s club project or a yearlong block of the month program. There will also be several bonus patterns for purchase from The Quilted Basket to make use of leftover fabrics or designs not utilized in the BOM.  The Floursack BOM collection debuts this August in your local quilt stores.  So if you are a retail store be sure to contact your local sales rep and if you are a consumer make sure your local quilt shop participates!

 Happy Quilting!!!


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