Happy Thanksgiving!!


Oh can you see it!! Thanksgiving is here!!  Crisp leaves are turning the most beautiful shades of  oranges, reds, golds and browns!


 Yum … can you smell it!! Thanksgiving is in the air!!! It is time for roasted turkey, gravy, stuffing and of course scrumtious pumpkin pie!


Thanksgiving is one of the most wonderful times of year.  I personally celebrate the joy of the holiday by getting together with friends, family and others I hold dear to my heart.  Together we reminisce, reflect and laugh over a delicious meal that is way to big for anyones good!  :)

At Windham Fabrics we love to celebrate the splendor of the season by basking over fabulous holiday inspired fabrics.  This year we have the ideal collection to make all your Thanksgiving holiday paraphernalia. Peace and Prosperity by Whistler Studios is the perfect autumn inspired collection with a color palette of oranges, golds and browns. 

This collection has celebratory fall prints of turkeys, falling leaves, ripened fruits and beautiful autumn flowers. Get creative with this flawless harvest collection and make the most supreme Thanksgiving tablecloths, placemats, napkins or festive seasonal throw.

Projects caltalog Fall 2011 page 23

Free project
Projects caltalog Fall 2011 2

Make sure you check your favorite retail stores for Peace and Prosperity which hits store April 2012.  Start to prepare ahead of time for fabulous holiday projects for your next Thanksgiving’s extravaganza!

 Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

Much Love,

Windham Fabrics


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