Elizabeth title

I have to say I have completely fallen head over heels for this romantic flowery group with its big pink roses, floral trellises and trailing vines. Mary Koval, a master expert on antique fabrics has created another stunning collection from her amazing stash of antique document pieces called Elizabeth.

The main floral print is dated back to 1870.

         33472-1 Tan   33472-2 Red

                Most of the other Elizabeth prints are dated from 1840-60

   33474-1 Tan  33478-5 Blue 33476-1 Tan
Elizabeth has a fresh soft color palette that makes this collection unique.  Brighten things up this winter with Elizabeth and let the light and beauty of this darling collection warm you up!

Elizabeth is in stores NOW so don't forget to get hold of your favorite fabric stores!

Elizabeth Free Project quilt
Elizabeth title of free project

To find out more about Mary Koval read her blog at http://marykoval.blogspot.com/.  Find out what inspires her and what she is up to!

Enjoy and Happy Quilting!!



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