Windham Fabrics Holiday Party!

Each year at Windham Fabrics we take a little time out of our very busy schedules to get together and celebrate the holiday season. This year we had a fabulous holiday party at a beautiful venue.  At the party we celebrated one very special birthday, ate delicious food, had fun conversations and danced until we could dance no more 😉 Here are some pictures of one amazing night out with the Windham Fabrics Team!

Welcome to the Windham Fabrics Holiday Party at the Venetian!


The food was mighty tasty !!!!

Big cheese

We ate…

Holiday Party 2011 020

 and ate some more…LOL!!

Holiday Party 2011 009

We all posed for some pictures!!

Cropped lkmc

I must say everyone looked divine!!

Holiday Party 2011 053


Lots of smiles made the night complete!!


The music was pumping!!!

Holiday Party 2011 046


Holiday Party 2011 021

Everyone brought their dancing shoes!!

Holiday Party 2011 051

We celebrated a very special 84th birthday!

Holiday Party 2011 059

Happy Birthday Stanley!

  Holiday Party 2011 070

Wishing Everyone a Happy and Healthy Holiday!!!!

Holiday Blog final copy



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