Garden Tales

GT Hearts sign

Nature is all around us and deep within us. It inspires us in so many ways to create! Many great designers derive their inspiration from nature. Tracie Lyn Huskamp of The Red Door-Studio uses her passion for nature to fuel the fire of her creative spirit. Garden Tales is Tracie’s second fabric collection which was inspired by her magical encounter with these enchanting bunnies!

Bunny 1 Frame


Bunny 2 Frame

You can feel the whismy and wonder of a journey in nature with Tracie’s collection Garden Tales! In this charming collection she perfectly captures a delightful garden experience with warm subtle hues of an inviting landscape.  Garden Tales is in stores now so get hold of your favorite fabric stores or your local sales rep!



Quilt from mrket gt

Scrapbook Bunny by Betty New

82" x 82"

Free Project

To learn more about Tracie follow her on her blog The Red Door-Studio!

Happy Quilting!!



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