Meet Denice Lipscomb Designer of Women of Courage Block of the Month


Today I had the chance to interview the one and only Denice Lipscomb of Common Threads Quilting and ask her a few questions about herself and her newest Block of the Month Women of Courage.

Q: What was your biggest source of inspiration when creating the Women of Courage Block of the Month?

A: History is always my source of inspiration for quilts whether it’s an antique quilt that gives me an idea for a setting or a story I want others to hear. I like the idea of combining my love of history with quilting. I can learn about the women we are honoring and share those stories with others.

Q: If you had to pick one famous woman from history to have dinner with who would it be and why?

A: I really have to choose two. Mary Roberts Wilson was a personal friend of mine. I met her when she was in her 80’s. She had packed her Silver Star away in a chest and never mentioned it. Another friend introduced us because she knew we would have things in common. I am also a retired nurse and I love hearing stories of World War II since they remind me of my father’s stories. I would sit for hours listening to Mary tell stories. I was instrumental in her being found by Tom Brokaw’s researchers. In fact, the picture that I used for her block is one that sits on a ledge in my kitchen. After a chapter was written about her in his book, Mary became a local celebrity and spoke to many different groups about her experiences. Of course, I’d love to have the opportunity to see Mary again.

The other woman I really would like to meet is Nancy Wake. Now there was a strong woman! I had to honor her in the first block because of her outstanding feats of courage. I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to parachute into enemy lines or bribe guards with cigarettes (actually I know I wouldn’t!).


Q: When did you first realize your love for reproduction fabric?

A:I always say that I was born in the wrong century (except I love air conditioning and indoor bathrooms). It is a natural progression to also love reproduction fabrics. They speak to me in so many ways. Sometimes I look at a fabric and can see it in a dress from the 1850’s as well as a quilt.


Q: What is it about the Civil War period of reproduction fabric that you particularly love?

A: I think people who are not familiar with reproduction fabrics think they only come in shades of brown (maybe because they’ve seen a lot of tintype photos). I really love the beautiful floral prints that were available, especially large stripes that can be used in borders.


Q: Tell us a little about being a quilt shop owner?

A: Being a shop owner is both a challenge and opportunity. I tend to work many long hours mainly because it’s so interesting. I’m fortunate to have my oldest daughter, Laura, working with me full time now which takes some of the pressure off. It’s also a privilege to work with her side by side every day.


Q: What are some of your biggest challenges as a quilt shop owner?

A: Our biggest challenge is balancing the different sides of the business. We have a large Brick and Mortar shop, an online shop, and now also a wholesale pattern business. Sometimes we catch ourselves coming and going!


Q: What would you say is your greatest accomplishment and why?

A: My greatest accomplishment as a shop owner has been my ability to hire some of the best people you’ll ever meet to work at Common Threads. I am continually amazed at how great these women are and how well they work together. It’s so rewarding to realize that I know so many delightful people because of Common Threads and our love of quilting. I can’t imagine my life without these great women.


Q: If you were shipwrecked on a deserted island (all your food and water are taken care of) what are three items you want take with you?

A: First of all my iPad (it’s 3G so I’d still be able to check my email!) and since I’ve got a Kindle app on it, I wouldn’t need my Kindle. I would also need a generator to keep that iPad charged! After that, I could settle down to do hand applique so I’d need fabric and thread to keep me busy until I’m rescued (maybe I could improvise a needle?).


The Quilt

The Women of Courage fabric collection is a 12 month BOM program. Each block corresponds to a brave and courageous woman in world history.

Block poster

Helen keller

The fabric collection and the quilt is full of luscious floral prints, beautiful tonal blenders and a breathtaking color palette of brown, tan, red, teal and green. Enjoy learning a little bit about history as you sew with this gorgeous collection.

Wc quilt

Quilt Designed by Denice Lipscomb
12 Month Block of the Month Program
Shop Owner Info: Shop Kits Available March 15, 2012
First Quarterly Shipment May 2012

Happy Quilting!!


2 thoughts on “Meet Denice Lipscomb Designer of Women of Courage Block of the Month

  1. Joyce O'Connell says:

    I have just become aware of this “Women of Courage” 12 month block of the month program. I was wondering if anyone could advise me as to where I could purchase the whole kit for the 12 months.
    I live in Canada. If you could give me any information, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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