Once Upon a Storybook

Everyone get ready for your favorite 1930’s reproduction fabric collection, Once Upon A Storybook.  This charming 1930’s collection by Whistler Studios is filled with sweet floral prints and cute scenes of children playing.  All the different prints in this collection are cheerful and bright! I just love the appealing color pallete that is filled with cherry reds, pale yellows, and pastel pinks.

What makes our 1930’s storybook collection so very special is this darling conversational pattern of children playing in the park.

34210-X Multi A Day At The Park

Once Upon A Storybook is an absolute must have with its whimsical patterns and lovely array of color!  This collection will be in stores this April so make sure you get in touch with your local sales rep or your most beloved fabric store.

 Create a beautiful reproduction circa 1930’s quilt using Once Upon A Storybook.

Free Project

Once upon

Leave a comment below and tell us what your favorite storybook was when you were growing up?


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