Bella is Born

Bella is Lotta Jansdotter’s second collection that she created for Windham Fabrics.   

As per Lotta: “Developing these collections is a very exciting process.  There are so many things to consider when you assemble it all: the scale of the pattern, the colors, and the “feel” of the collection are among many aspects.”

Today, Lotta is going to show you some of the steps, so you can take part in the process, and see how Bella came to be. 

Lotta’s studio (and shop) is located in Brooklyn NY.  This is where she creates her patterns and motifs, make product samples, and holds workshops.

Picture 1
Lotta creates her print designs by hand and by that I mean they are not created in a computer.  She cuts shapes in paper, glues them on paper and then experiments with scale using a copy machine.   

Picture 2
Next, Lotta starts picking her favorite designs and then finds patterns that work well together.  Once she is done with that, Lotta starts picking colors for each pattern. 

Picture 3

Lotta takes all the color prints now on paper to mix and match the different colors.  She wants to be sure they all make sense together.

Lotta decides on names for all the patterns and handwrites them to be printed on the selvage of the fabric. 

Picture 4

Picture 5
After the color choices are finalized, the first set of printed tests on the actual fabric arrive.  This is a rather important step because it is the last chance to make any color changes. Picture 6Bella turned out to be a bright, modern and sunny collection, with bold designs. Imagine so many different things that can be made out of these fabrics, perfect for home accessories, sweet dresses and creative quilts!

Picture 7
Coming August, Bella will be on the market and in your hands.  We are all very excited to see what you create and make out of Bella. 

Picture 8


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