I Like You by Amy Sedaris

Pg 1 fin

When we got to know Amy, and after our little project together
began to gain steam, we kept asking "what will she think of next!?!"
As we like to say, design ideas are great but as soon as you have fabric,
that's when the fun really begins.  Well, we weren't disappointed as the Amy
Sedaris's crafting juggernaut continues…

Page 2 blog copy

Are there traditional uses for fabric from the wonderful world of
"I Like You?"  Of course there are, but why would anyone
stop at a simple bed ensemble when for example Amy's rick rack patchwork makes
a lovely pair of matching slippers!  

PAGE 3 BLOG copy
The red pom poms are the cherry on top of these tulip glass
curtains. And if there is enough fabric left over who wouldn't want a matching

Pg 4 blog fin
An honest to goodness sewist can never make
enough throw pillows

Last page blog

Check out Amy's latest craft book “Simple Times: Craft for Poor People”.


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