Meet Carrie Bloomston from SUCH Designs

Today I had the
wonderful opportunity to interview Carrie Bloomston of SUCH Designs. Carrie has created her first fabric collection COLLAGE for Windham Fabrics due in stores July 2013. 

Q1: Tell us about your education, experience and

A1: I
have been an abstract painter my whole life.

Refuge I -Ink, Acrylic, and Oil on Panel

At age two, my mom found me all
tangled up in her needlepoint basket and knew exactly who I was. Growing up in
Alabama, my parents were both creative–my mom always had projects happening
around the house like painting, crafts, interior design, etc. We had a studio
in our house that was a converted garage. It was awesome! My dad designs and
manufactures clothing. So, I have always watched him doing that. Designing
fabric and creating patterns for my brand, SUCH Designs, is actually drawing on
a lot of the experience my parents showed me. I love that I get to share it
with them.

I went on to study more formally
at Rhode Island School of Design (Painting, BFA, 1994). I studied in every
department: glassblowing, woodworking, bronze casting, ceramics, and painting.
BUT, the two buildings I didn’t set
foot in were Textile Design and Graphic Design! Ha! Go figure. Now I am doing
just those things. Hilarious.

After school I built a life in
the Arizona desert and have a beautiful family that is my shelter and my
source. My kids own me. It is the greatest privilege of my life to parent them.
All the stuff I make comes from that love.

image from http://featherfiles.aviary.com/2013-03-20/f77694d11/a6872427610e464db793678eaf2c7dd1_hires.png 

Q2:How would you describe your personal design style?

A2: Start with your heart. Be who you are. Kindness
first. Shine your light. Celebrate your inner artist™. Those are the things I
intend to do with my designs. At 40, I understand more now how to accept, love,
and trust myself as an artist. So I just listen to the tiny urges I feel­–even
if they are crazy ideas. I do them. It is totally OK to fail.

As for my design style? What does that all look
like? Hmmm, hippie gypsy meets Nick, Jr.? Playful and modern.  Modern, propaganda posters meets children’s
book, Pinkalicious? Album art
meets coffee house meets greeting cards. I
don’t really know. I make a lot of different things. My abstract paintings look
like Japanese landscapes. But I spend most of my day watching Ratatouille and cartoons
and playing with LEGO and reading children’s books. So all of those sources
filter in.

I love the French illustrator, Delphine Durand:

One of my favorites is the Japanese illustrator,
Taro Gomi:

And of course, we
watch Ratatouille a lot. It may be my all-time favorite movie. The brand
message of this beautiful, little film is exactly what I hope to contribute… anyone
can cook! Anyone can sew! Anyone can be an artist!

Q3: What was
your biggest source of inspiration while designing Collage?

My biggest source of inspiration
while designing Collage were Words, words, words! I wanted to make a line of
text, letters, and words, because I, like many modern sewists, love to sew with
words. When I set out to design this line, I knew I needed to design a line
that I would want to sew with. The prints will feel like a collected stack of
drawings and papers and notes just beckoning you to COLLAGE! The prints are artful
and bold.

 Q4:What is one thing that everybody should know
about you?

A4: My life is filled with gratitude.

Q5:What is your favorite thing to do in your free

A5:I like to sit at our Lemonade
stands and wile away the afternoon waiting for one customer, sitting in the
shade of our Palo Verde tree, reading.

Q6: If you
could have dinner with one famous person who would it be and why?

A6: Easy–the Dalai Lama. I once heard
him speak in Atlanta, at Emory University, about 15 years ago. Did you know
that he sounds exactly like Kermit the Frog, but with a deeper voice? His
spirit, knowing, and joy could fill ten universities, ten cities, ten
continents at once. I have never been in the presence of a more clear-minded,
calm, loving, and intelligent person in my life. I try to read his books and
have them all, but they are rather dense. So, I would rather have dinner with
him and just ask him questions about his life–about life.

Q7: If you
could be a superhero what would your superpower

A7: Also easy–I would like to fly.

COLLAGE will be viewable on the
Windham Fabrics website in April and the fabric will be in quilt
stores July 2013!

Skus copy

Here are some of Carrie’s lovely
patterns that are available to order through SUCH Designs.

"Wonky Little Houses"

I'll Huff and I'll Puff Finger Pattern

Wonky Little Houses Pillow Pattern



6 thoughts on “Meet Carrie Bloomston from SUCH Designs

  1. Great interview! Carrie is so much fun and I can’t wait to get my hands on her fabrics. It’s a delight to see fabric that so obviously has a story and heart behind it.

  2. beautiful!!! I’m so excited about this collection. And 40, you look amazing!!! 🙂 sounds like a beautiful life! Maybe I’ll get things sorted out by the time I’m 40.

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