Adventures at Quilt Market Spring 2013

The spring International Quilt Market in Portland, OR has finally
come to a close. It was a wonderful experience filled with energy and
excitement. Many great things were happening at Windham Fabrics this year.
We created quite a buzz with a fresh palette of talented designers.

Without further ado, it is time to share some pictures from the Windham Fabrics booth.  I promise you will feel like you are actually there.

Let the adventure begin!!!!!!!!!

Fall market logo

Hand sanitizer

Project Pink Hand Sanatizer Market Giveaway

French Bull Plates and Spoons

Ziggy and Raj Plates and Spoons by French Bull

Midnight Blues

Hennessy Apron by WILLAMSBURG and Midnight Blues by Nancy Gere

Greatest hits

Greatest Hits by Windham Fabrics

And if you stopped by the booth then I am sure you meet Quilt Girl.

QUilt Girl

Quilt Girl by Whistler Studios

I would like close with a BIG THANKS to the entire Windham Fabrics team.  Without the amazing efforts from all of the staff we would have not been able to have such amazing and
successful show!  xoxo


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