Take a Spin with Ride by Julia Rothman

Ride by Julia Rothman is in stores NOW! This is Julia’s second collection with Windham Fabrics. I can’t think of a better time to dust off your bike gear and peddle straight to your local quilt store to check out the collection!

Ride cover

made this fun table runner with some charm squares. To assemble this,
she simply divided the pack into two rows of eight and pieced them together. Just
a bit of geometric quilting along the squares was all she needed for this

Ride Lish
Table runner

Here is an ultra cute
messenger bag made by Delphine's Quilt Shop.

Sharon Pernes
made this awesome quilt top.The pattern is
creatively named 'Riding in the Shade’. For more information on how to purchase this pattern go to: http://craizeecorner.blogspot.com/.

Sharon Quilt top

City Cycles by Tammy Vasser of Marmalade Fabrics is our free project and can be found on the Windham Fabrics website.

Now tell
us what you would make with this totally rad fabric.  Leave a comment below for a chance to win a
fat quarter bundle of the collection.

how it works:

Starting Tuesday, June 4th until Sunday, June 9th enter in a chance to win a fat quarter bundle of Ride by leaving a comment
below stating what you would make with the fabric. One prize winner will be selected by
a random drawing.  Check our Facebook or Twitter page on Monday, June 10h to see
if you are the winner.


117 thoughts on “Take a Spin with Ride by Julia Rothman

  1. Carol Lampert says:

    I would make a quilt (mat) for my brother who is a avid bike rider. He loves to ride all day long and when he does he sometimes will take a nap on the grass, I think he would enjoy a quilt to lay on, made of that beautiful fabric.

  2. Lori Meyer says:

    I would make something for my son and daughter in law who love to bike. Might make a table runner or something to put cover the front wheel when transporting it. Lots of idea.

  3. Claudia Curtis says:

    I would love to make the bicycle quilt for my granddaughter. She is 4 1/2 and loves to ride the greenbelt path with us. Two weeks ago she rode 13 miles with her mom and granddad! That’s good for only being 4 1/2 years old. She loves quilts too!!

  4. Julie B says:

    I would design a quilt that had twists and turns so rows of blocks looked like a bike path with arrows pointing the directions to ride. Thanks for the chance to win

  5. Chrystal says:

    I have a wicker basket on the front of my bike, so I think this fabric would be perfect for a liner on the basket!!

  6. Tonia Nelson says:

    I would make SOMETHING for my friend who rides. I cannot say what since it would not then be a surprise for her. 🙂 She has already said “omg” over the link. lol

  7. Helene Juul says:

    This is the perfect collection for a boys quilt so this is what I would chose to make if I won the fabrics.

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