Wallflowers Quilt Design Contest Winner

Today I would like to announce the winner of the Wallflowers Quilt Design Contest. Please give a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Cristina

The winning quilt is called "Small Town Girl" and it was inspired by Cristina's recent visit to her 

"I miss small town life and wanted to create a beautiful quilt
that I could see hanging on a clothes line back home. I love flowers,
and wanted a flower block that had layers of petals. I chose an x for
the center because I love the way the color gradually crawls out the
center of a real flower and fades into the petals. I was pleased by the
shapes the negative space created, but I think that's one of my favorite
parts of quilting. Anyway, I appreciate the opportunity, and had so
much fun designing this."

XOXOXO Cristina


Cristina has won the complete Wallflowers collection to make this quilt, a signed copy of Allison Harris' book "Growing Up Modern", and a $25 gift certificate to Pink Castle Fabrics.

The 4 runners-up are:

KaleidoStorm by nat_olly      Don't Step on a Crack! by crasle


 Summer Picnic by anne-rust   Vertical Garden by Swissms

Each runner-up will receive an E-book of Growing Up Modern and a $15 gift certificate to Pink Castle Fabrics.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest!  Wallflowers will be available in September so be sure to mark your calendars!! 


One thought on “Wallflowers Quilt Design Contest Winner

  1. Congratulations to the winner! What I really want to know is though, can I get a pattern for one of the runners up Kaleidostorm by nat_olly? I have fallen for this one big time!!

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