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Collage by SUCH Designs

Carrie Bloomston's first fabric collection Collage has hit stores. Carrie is an artist and pattern designer who celebrates creativity in every apsects of her life. She designs with her enitre heart and soul and has an amazing sense of style.

As Carrie has said, "Collage was made to be cut up, ripped up, and used like a stack of cool art paper and textures. Be wild and free like a bird when using this fabric."

As you scroll through the pictures you will see how many creative and fun ways you can use Collage.


Family pic

On the right is The Rock and Roll Princess Dress by Karen LePage

Dress pattern by Oliver & S and sewn by Ramona Burke
Little girl

Scirocco Dress by Shelly Figueroa of Figgy's

Backless dress


Pouches two

Left pouch made by Sharon Zolondek and right dress made by Tia Curtis

Carrie's inpiration for the Watercolor Quilt
Art palette

Watercolor Quilt designed by Carrie Bloomston, sewn by Sally Keller and quilted by Angela Walters.


To learn more about Carrie check out her blog.


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