Ziggy Tutorial by Alison Robins

We are excited to announce Ziggy by Jackie Shaprio of French Bull is in stores. Ziggy is inspired by the vibrant tribal colors and seductive rhythms of Africa. Chevrons are extremely popular and Ziggy certainly has a variety to
choose from. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and Ziggy's optical
illusions twist and turn with every view.

Today I would like to share a tutorial from Alison Robins of Little Island Quilting using Ziggy. She is a blogging quilter from a tiny little island between
England and France who is obsessed with making quilts!

So without any further ado here is a special treat from Alison:

Ziggy Tutorial by Alison Robins

I hope to show in this tutorial that by taking a very simple block design
and tweaking it here and there, you can make your own individual quilt.

 So my starting point was these fabrics – Ziggy by French Bull for Windham Fabrics. I had decided that the fabrics on the left should be
the star of the show and the ones on the right would play supporting roles.


The whole quilt is based on a
9" block. ( 3 different 9" block styles)


  • You cut the center square 5"
    and then the four strips as in the image below:

Cutting block

  • The second square you take one of the 'star of
    the show' fabrics and cut a 6 1/2" square. You then add white strips (like above) with the 
    following measurements and all 1 3/4" wide: 6 1/2", 7 3/4" (you
    need  two) and 9 ''.
  • The final square is just plain white and is 9" square.
  • I think the first thing to consider when sewing the squares together is are you going random or are you going for a fairly ordered pattern.  I like random!

Ziggy quilt

On a couple of the blocks I added in
little random scraps of fabric in 
the white border.

Quilt 2

And I added in some random bits of text fabric
which I felt fitted  
the colour scheme.
Quilt 3

The options are endless. You could:

  • Resize the dimensions of each block width entirely
  • Put the blocks on a wonk/angle
  • Add in tiny scraps of fabric to the white squares
  • Strip piece the squares they are made of varying
    numbers of strips
  • Sub-divide some of the squares into smaller squares so,
    for instance one of the squares is made up of four smaller squares
  • Etc etc

When it came to the binding I also tried to liven that up a bit too. I chose
green as there were only small bits of it in the quilt and I wanted to bring
this colour to the fore. I also added in a bit of the grey ziggy fabric and as
you can see in the image above, I managed to get it to go across one of the
grey blocks.

Quilting was loads of straight line (ish) to give it some real texture. Most
were on the vertical but again, just to mix it up, I did some horizontally too. 

And the back?

I took a piece of my absolute favourite piece from the collection and set it
into a white background.

The quilt measures a generous 50" x 58" and I worked comfortably
half yard cuts of all the fabrics. Exception was the white and you'll 
probably need about three yards for that.

Have fun!


Happy Quilting!


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