Raj by French Bull

We are excited to announce Raj by Jackie Shaprio of French Bull
is in stores now. Ride into Raj
on a beautiful painted elephant and lounge the day away with this
timeless pattern of elegance and intrigue. Mix and match colorful
paisleys with an assortment of vibrant floral prints. Get creative with
this magical collection and make all sorts of fun projects that are
perfect for the modern lifestyle.

Today I have a great tutorial from Alison Robins of Little Island Quilting using Raj. If you are not familair with Alison's work she is a blogging quilter from a tiny little island between
England and France who is obsessed with making quilts!

Enjoy and Happy Quilting!

So this is Raj by French Bull from Windham Fabrics
and I love its colorful exuberance.


Ready to get cutting and snipping?

I started with half yard cuts of all the collection.

I took the tone-on-tone colors and cut them up into strips
WOF (width of fabric).

It's up to you what height you make them but I chose 5, 4
and 3 inches


I also added in a couple of the fabrics from the previous
Windham Fabrics collection I worked with – Ziggy.

I cut each strip randomly in half and inserted one of the
multi-coloured fabrics from the line – these pieces measured 6" wide.

I then sewed all the rows together. Nice and easy.


Next we're going to make some bias binding strips.

I chose to make mine 1/2" wide and used a Clover bias
binding tool to make mine. I also chose to use green to pick up on the green
used sparingly in some of the fabrics.


It's totally easy to make bias binding without one of these
or you could go a step further and buy it ready made. Bit like shop bought puff
pastry…no one will know unless you tell them 😉

Then I sewed three strips of the bias binding in a curved
fashion randomly down the quilt top.


Next you need to go back to the multi-coloured fabrics and
start cutting out individual flowers. How many is entirely up to you.


Now you are going to applique them at random points along
your bias binding strip. Before you do this though, place a piece of batting
underneath the quilt top and directly underneath your shape.

Using a thread colour that blends in (I used invisible
thread) and using the free motion quilting foot on your machine, carefully sew
round the edge of each shape a couple of times.

 The back should look like this.


Using a small (anything under 5" would be good) and
sharp pair of scissors, carefully cut away the excess batting as close as you
can get to the stitching edge. I'm not going to lie – this is a bit tedious and
you can't drop off while doing it otherwise you'll end up snipping into the


That said, you could miss the batting bit out completely and
applique the shapes to the quilt top without it. It just won't have the same
effect at the end so if I was you I'd hang on in there.

I then added a border – 5" wide, sandwiched the quilt
together and free motion quilted the layers together, using invisible thread on
the top. If you do dense FMQ close to the batting flowers, they will stand out
more from the rest of the quilt which is the general idea.

 Possibly this image gives you a better picture.


Then all you need to do is add a binding of your choice and
you're done.


And the back.


And the front again. Just because.



3 thoughts on “Raj by French Bull

  1. Nell says:

    Hi Emily, Windham will not be kitting this collection, but the author notes that she started with 1/2 yard cuts of each fabric. If you get a half-yard bundle of Raj from your LQS, you should have more than enough to make this quilt. Good luck!

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