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In the studio with Marcia Derse

Coming Soon: Renowned Textile Designer

Marcia Derse's

Debut Collections for Windham Fabrics



Debuting October 1st, 2013

Palette::a collection of 40 tonal solids

Mosaic::a textured collection of 24 skus based on Marcia's hand-dyes


Self portrait barn (2)

Today, on our blog, we are going to take you on a whirlwind tour of Marcia Derse's studio to find out more about her creative space and her inspiration!

In Marcia's own words… 


Edit palette


Editing my "Palette" collection on my living room table.












My latest collection, "Mosaic", was inspired by a project my son recently did. He
created a fridge puzzle in the style of a roman mosaic. The puzzle is
beautiful but insanely difficult. Looking at his little tiles on the fridge
prompted me to pull together other inspiration, a book on Pompeiian mosaics, a
postcard of a tiled floor that was in my studio, piles of broken pottery that I
keep around long after the plate has broken. From there the collection took


Print mosaic[3]


Studio 22[1]

My house
is the best part about where I live. It is an oasis. My husband and I love
restoring and spending time in our cozy old cape cod hunt club house. We
both have projects going on constantly, whether they are art projects or


Old tv

The collection "Palette"
is inspired by my cabinet full of hand-dyed fabrics that I look at everyday in
my studio~an ever growing vocabulary of color to play & create with.


















Sample strips flowing out of my closet storage.



In my studio, I start with a blank canvas; a bolt
of muslin, fabric dyes, and the primary colors in silkscreen paints. When I
mix, I gather colors, images and objects from everywhere. Anything that
catches my eye outdoors or in the studio becomes an artist's tool: pine cones,
spoons, brushes, homemade stamps, and bamboo pens.





Assorted root vegetables, an example of the random scenes that catch my eye for color and texture inspiration.





I apply paint with
abandon, exhausting the cups of color, trying every combination. Each piece of
fabric is a fresh innovative arrangement of color, form, and texture. I draw my themes from
the seasons or my travels or sometimes simply a new texture found in my

Van Gogh, The Bedroom painted by third graders. This was a window display at my children’s bookstore that I couldn’t bear to part with. Now I look at this gorgeous painting every day in my studio.



Saved samples of fonts from my printing press days where I set type upside down & backwards & where I fell in love with the ampersand.













My textile
design journey has been developing for 25 years.
My sisters and I all live in different cities and as a way to spend time
together, we used to take fiber art classes once a year at Arrowmont &
then QSDS. Sewing was a big part of our lives growing up and it was so
much fun to share the time together taking these classes and seeing what we
would all create. Liz Axfore, Connie Schele & Cherie St. Cyr & Sue
Benner taught the classes where I learned the techniques I continue to use and
play with today. I always hoped to take away one thing that I could explore
during the year in-between classes.



Make sure to visit Marcia Derse with Windham Fabrics in

our booths #2332 and #2333 at the International Quilt

Market in Houston, October 26-28, 2013.



One thought on “In the studio with Marcia Derse

  1. Karen Haines says:

    Hi Marcia,congrats on your new adventure and wonderful new line of fabric/colors.Can’t wait to see them at our local quilt shopo. Missed seeing u in Madison ,WI this year!! Hope all went with your move and new home. Keepi on with all your wonderful ideas!

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