Announcing Mormor and Sylvia by Lotta Jansdotter

LOTTA photo 1

Introducing two new collections by Lotta Jansdotter with Windham Fabrics.


        mormor    a colorful collection of 23 skus


        Sylvia    a black & white collection of 9 skus

LOTTA photo 3

Lotta's description of her collection:

"This is the fourth fabric collection I have created together with Windham Fabrics; well actually it is two collections. "Mormor" is a vibrant and bright collection of prints. I added some new colors to my palette: the purple eggplant color, the dark grays and that wonderfully sweet coral color. "Sylvia" is my first all black & white collection, which is easy and fun to combine with all the colors and designs in the Mormor collection.

While I was designing these collections last fall my grandmother passed away. My mormor Sylvia lived a full, long and rich life, and she was a true maker most every living day. She taught me pretty much everything I know about sewing, crocheting and baking cinnamon buns.  She was a very inspiring person in my life and one of my biggest supporters. I want to dedicate these two collections to her."

LOTTA photo 2
Lotta's Mormor and Sylvia collections debut to sales on October 1st.  You can see more about what Lotta is up to at her website and Facebook page.

And don't forget to visit with us at the International Quilt Market in Houston, October 26-28th.


LOTTA photo 4


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