Marcia Derse “Palette” and “Mosaic” IN STORES NOW!


Be on the lookout this month for "Palette", a 40 sku collection of suede-like solids and "Mosaic", a textured collection of 24 skus based on hand-dyes by renowned textile designer Marcia Derse at a LQS near you. 


Two FREE patterns are featured on the Windham Fabrics website:



Palette Sticks quilt-2 copy

Designed by Marcia Derse 

Interpreted by Sally Keller of Sally's Angelworks





Heather Jones MD quilt copy 2

by Heather Jones of Olive and Ollie 



Accompanying Marcia's amazing fabrics are also quilts by several very talented quilt pattern designers. Information on ordering their quilt patterns can be found in the collection catalog, on the Windham Fabrics website, and on the designer websites linked below.


MD Madison Cottage quilt copy

"Rock Candy" by Kenna Ogg of

Madison Cottage Designs


Marcia Derse Ruby Blue quilt copy

"Grammy Patches" by Rebecca Silbaugh of

Ruby Blue Quilting Studio



Turnstile3 no watermark copy

"Turnstile" by Debbie Grifka of

Esch House Quilts


Confetti copy

"Confetti" by Laura Blanchard of

Plum Tree Quilts


Which of these delicious quilts inspire you?  Do you have your own ideas of what to do with "Palette" and "Mosaic"?  Let us know by adding your photos our WF Flickr pool.


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