In Memoriam, Jill Reid




It is with great sadness for Jill Reid's family and friends that we write this memorial post.  Windham Fabrics had a long collaboration with quilt designer, Jill Reid over the years. Some of Jill's most loved quilts were best sellers in their own right as they were requested so many times after they were seen at shows or in magazine ads.

"Jill was a good friend, my quilting sister and an extremely talented quilter.  She was always up for a new challenge or adventure.  Ten years ago the two of us started making sample quilts for Windham fabrics.  Jill loved designing quilts using a new fabric line.  She had a wonderful sense of how to use color in her quilts.  Windham has lost a great quilt designer and friend. We miss you Jill."   quilter, Susan McDermott

Over the years Jill created a total of 20 quilt projects for Windham Fabrics. We are happy to say, they can still be downloaded on our website. Not only did the quilt designs amaze us but her names showed the depth of her creative imagination.

Jill Reid's quilts for Windham Fabrics include:

Crows in the corner quilt

                            Crows in the Corner

Papa’s Pipe Tobacco


Scarlett’s Web

In the Pink


Salmon Trails

Victorian Rose

Family Tree, Family Memories (in collaboration with Susan McDermott)


Chocloate Baskets quilt                                Chocolate Baskets

For the Love of Jane

Squares Dancin’


Prairie Winds

Pennsylvania Scherenschnitte

Regency Square

Elm Park

Clara's Cross Quilt

                                 Clara’s Cross


Continental Commander Quilt

                                Continental Commander


Sideswiped Solids

Wild Blue Yonder


Rest in peace dear friend, we will miss you.


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